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NSMA C Lite bring product to be standard make user easier to create antenna pattern.

Key Feature

NSMA Antenna Parabolic Creator Lite help antenna factory or/and telecommunication engineer easier to creat antenna pattern complied with NSMA antenna standard. NSMA C Lite make user easy to edit copy and paste, also able to paste data from spreadsheet software. NSMA C Lite is non engineer mate and make user able to create NSMA Radio Microwave Anattenna. NSMA C Lite good enought please feel free to contact us, which we have plan to develop and make NSMA C Lite able to store data pattern in to database. NSMA C Lite data pattern compattible with radio microwave path calculation and RF design tools.

Next Version

NSMA C Lite near future develop would increase inventory and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) feature, which this is one part of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.